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CA Farm Workers to Gov-t: STOP HELPING US

CA Gov. Jerry Brown tries to force unionization

Thousands of farm workers in California must now abide by an unwanted unionization deal struck decades ago and never enforced.

That’s because a California judge with the state’s ag

ricultural labor relations agency on Friday ordered the ballots destroyed from a labor union decertification election, rather than have them counted.

The vote was expected to overwhelmingly support decertification, which would have removed the workers from the union’s undesired purview.

Workers’ pleas to the Democratic governor, the Democrat-controlled legislature, and the Latino Legislative Caucus have fallen on deaf ears.

Thousands of workers at Gerawan Farming, one of the nation’s largest family-owned fruit producers, have been trying since October 2012 to decertify the United Farm Workers labor union. The workers are not only being fought by the UFW but by Gov.