Why Won’t We Call This Islamist Terrorism?

by Victor Davis Hanson // Politico (Europe Edition)

President Obama summed up the jihadist killing in Paris asan attack not just on Paris. But rather, he assured us, This is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.

People place flowers and light candles in tribute for the victims of the 13 November Paris attacks at the foot of the statue on Place de la Republique in Paris, France, 14 November 2015. At least 120 people have been killed in a series of attacks in Paris on 13 November, according to French officials. EPA/IAN LANGSDON

But is that assumption true?

Certainly, the president seems as unable to utter the targeted West and Western as he is the targeter radical Islam or jihadist.

Were the suicide bombers and the AK-47 shooters whoslaughtered the innocent in Paris seeking to destroy the ideology of communist China?

Was their deadly messageaimed at the protocols of Cuba, North Korea, orVenezuela? The Islamist terrorists how careful were the president and the American news media to use the genericthey and the non-specific the terrorists did not seem too concerned withall of humanity. By the pattern of their attacks, our enemies seem not to share with the president that all of humanity embracesuniversal values.

Certainly the Vietnamese and Ecuadorians are more safe than those in Paris, New York, or Fort Hood. Communist Chinese profiteers in Africa or cartoonists in Beijing are not on the targeting list of ISIS.

Instead, radical Muslims and jihadists abroad overwhelmingly focus on Westerners. In the Middle East, when they dont find them so ubiquitously any more, they kill and torture other religious and tribal groups who do not adhere to their particular brand of fundamentalist Sunni or Shiite Islam.

At home, the agendas of the tea party, Occupy Wall Street, anti-abortionists, Black Lives Matter, radical feminists, Christian fundamentalists andrevolutionary atheists do not manifest themselves in blowing up restaurants and massacring innocents. Abroad, Christian crusaders are not desecrating mosques. Kurdish militias are not beheading civilians on videos. Jewishmilitants are not cutting off hands in religious courts, and Sufi clerics are not blowing up UN world heritage sites.

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